Northern England

Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) is a red squirrel conservation partnership working right across northern England. RSST is one of the four managing partners. RSNE has a single mission: to secure and increase red squirrel range in northern England.

The project works across Cumbria, Northumberland, Merseyside, Lancashire, north-west Durham and the Yorkshire Dales, in and close to areas where red squirrels are still living free in the landscape.

We have recruited and deployed a large team of Rangers and contractors to undertake grey squirrel control in areas important for red squirrels. This team is working alongside private landowners and local red squirrel groups to build the effective control networks needed to prevent further losses of red squirrels through disease transmission and food competition with grey squirrels.

The impact of our work on red squirrels will be carefully assessed through landscape-scale, bi-annual monitoring which began in spring 2012. The monitoring results show there are still red squirrels right across northern England, a great testament to the conservation efforts already in place.

Our latest newsletter can be seen here.

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