Please note that images shown on this website are the property of the photographer and are also subject to the copyright statement shown at the foot of this web page. If you would like to use one of these  images, please contact so that your request can be passed to the photographer concerned and any terms agreed.

Will Nicholls is a talented young man who takes photos of wildlife in Kielder, Northumberland. Will was announced as the Young British Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2009) at the British Wildlife Photography Awards for his photo of a red squirrel. Will has also won the BBC Look North photographic competition for their Children in Need 2010 Calendar and then in 2011, secured the top prize in the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards. For a preview of Will’s work please click here for the Will Nicholls photo gallery. You can also visit his website:

Will has very kindly offered RSST commission on sales of his red squirrel products. If you would like to find out more please click here to visit his online shop. (Please note: if you would like your purchase to contribute to the work of RSST please enter RSST1 in the comments box when you place an order).

Alan Shawcross contributed the portrait of HRH the Prince of Wales to this website, as seen on the Who’s involved page.

Sue Crawford contributed the photo of HRH the Prince of Wales with a red squirrel, as seen on the Home page and the HRH The Prince of Wales page.

Sarah McNeil contributed the photos of the red squirrel with squirrelpox virus, as seen on The issue page. Sarah has also contributed photos to the postcards that are included in our Friends Welcome Pack.

Niall Benvie contributed many of the red squirrel photos on this website.  For a preview of Niall’s work please click here if you would like to see the Niall Benvie photo gallery. If you would like to see more please go to his website at

Ian Short has contributed red squirrel photos to the website. For a preview of Ian’s work please click here to see the Ian Short photo gallery. If you would like to see more please visit his webiste:

David Bailey has contributed many photos of red squirrels to RSST. For a preview of David’s work please click here to see the David Bailey photo gallery. You can also visit:

Neil Stalker has kindly donated a number of red squirrel photographs to RSST. For a preview of Neil’s work click here.

Steve Jacques has kindly contributed his pictures of reds. For a preview of Steve’s work click here.

Scott McAuley has contributed his own photos of red squirrels to RSST. For a preview of Scott’s work click here.

Mick Atkins is an equine photographer who has contributed photographs of red squirrels to RSST, as well as generously giving the charity commission on his red squirrel greetings cards. For a preview of Mick’s work click here. To see Mick’s red squirrel cards click here.

Rob Ayres has used the magnificent wildlife studio on his doorstep in Co Durham and Northumberland to capture red squirrel images and has allowed RSST to use them. For a preview of Rob’s work please Click here or visit his website

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