Trelowarren Squirrel Symposium and Dinner


Beautiful Trelowarren

Another extremely successful squirrel symposium was held, this time in Cornwall at Trelowarren on November 9th. An enthusiastic crowd gathered for the RSST funded event at Trelowarren and afterwards at The New Yard restaurant for dinner.

Again the main focus was on grey squirrel control with fascinating talks from both Dr Giovanna Massei and Dr Julie Lane on fertility control, followed by one by Giovanna and Dave Cowan and finally one on traps by Julie Lane and Matt Gomm

Dr. Giovanna Massei is an acknowledged world leader in Human-Wildlife Conflicts and the Deputy Director of the National Centre of Wildlife Management and Dr Julie Lane is head of the Defra spring trap testing programme and closely linked in to the AITHS / Europe testing programme. Giovanna spoke about the developments in immunocontraceptives for grey squirrels, and Julie discussed the new developments in spring trapping.

Here are some good examples showing the damaging effect of grey squirrels strip barking trees to catastrophic effect.