House of Lords Biodiversity debate

Merry Christmas to all our red squirrel friends out there. I hope that those of you who visited an area that red squirrels inhabit, some were lucky enough to see one. Some of us might even have been fortunate enough to see one rollicking around in the snow, as the photo below.

It is a beautiful sight but sadly one that currently few get to experience. However, that is why here at RSST, we are working hard to control the grey squirrel population and reintroduce red squirrels where possible. There will be some exciting new red squirrel enclosures cropping up soon so keep in contact to find out more.


Below shows a debate in parliament involving Lord Kinnoull, Chairman of RSST. It is great to see that the issues red squirrels and broadleaf woodland are being addressed at the highest level.

Biodiversity Debate in the Lords 

Lord Kinnoull asking about contraception for grey squirrels, the use of warfarin for controlling grey squirrels and some way of managing the cost of acquiring a licence for manufacturers of new traps (debate in Hansard)