How we work

RSST is committed to partnering with dedicated and knowledgeable local groups around the country. We do not try to reinvent the wheel; instead we listen to what local groups tell us and work together to protect red squirrels in the UK.

We favour the use of volunteers wherever possible to support our aims. As well as ensuring strong community involvement in the cause, this also keeps administration and overheads costs to a minimum.

Vital ingredients for success

We have seen in areas such as northern England that with the right approach, red squirrels will reoccupy their former territory. The vital ingredients that allow this to happen are dedicated leadership, strong community support, and a realistic policy of grey squirrel control.

It is crucial that money is spent efficiently and wisely – either through targeted research, or practical projects that make a difference where it counts: on the ground.

Click here to read about Anglesey in North Wales, where red squirrel numbers are increasing following a several years of grey squirrel control by local volunteers and dedicated staff.

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